Why scaffolding materials is used instead of a small crane?

  • You can use scaffolding and shuttering jack supplier on large construction projects. A crane would be far too expensive. So it is just not practical for that kind of work. You can often locate scaffolding within the site boundary. It therefore not requires a licence from the local authority.
  • But when it does obstruct the highway or footpath, you need to submit some simple plans to the council.
  • You have to pay a certain fee per week. They will issue you a permit. They come and check it once a month. They make sure that you’re within the terms of your permit.

What is scaffolding?

What’re the different types of scaffolding?

1. Trestle:

You can support working platform on movable ladders or tripods. It is used up to a height of five meter. You can use it for work inside the room like paintings, repairs etc.

2. Steel:

It is made from steel tubes. They’re set jointly by steel fittings or couplers. It is easy to erect and dismantle. It has greater durability. It has better robustness, and superior fire resistance. It is not affordable cost wise. It gives greater safety for workers. That is the precise reason it is used so widely these days.

3. Patented:

They are also made from steel. They’re fitted with special couplings and frames etc. These are readymade. Working platform is set on the brackets. They are adjustable to the required level.

4. Cantilever:

This is known as “single frame” type. This is called independent or double frame type. You have to take care while constructing cantilever. Normally, cantilever is used:

5. Single:

It is typically used for brick masonry. They’re also called brick layers. They consist of standards, putlogs, ledgers etc.

6. Double:

They are generally used for stone masonry job. It is also known as mason’s scaffolding. It is known as the independent type.

The benefits of scaffolding are:

To give access to the areas that are out of reach of workers.To give a strong platform for workers to work on.It offers safety to the workers, even at the hundreds of feet.